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Nachrichten der Arbeitsgruppe Crop Functional Genomics von Prof. Dr. Frank Hochholdinger

18.01.2018 NEW PUBLICATION Baldauf et al. publish paper in CURRENT BIOLOGY on gene expression complementation in maize hybrids
21.12.2017 Lab Reunion in China
27.10.2017 NEW PUBLICATION Hochholdinger et al publish paper in Trends in Plant Science updating on the current knowledge of the genetic mechanisms
19.10.2017 NEW PUBLICATION Yu et al. publish paper in New Phytologist highlighting root-fungal interaction
06.09.2017 SEMINAR Dr. Eva Oburger, BOKU Vienna
30.06.2017 Huanhuan Tai receives PhD certificate
23.05.2017 First French-German Maize Breeders School
19.05.2017 GRADUATION Stefan Hey
03.05.2017 European Molecular Maize Meeting 2017 in Ghent, Belgium
20.03.2017 NEW PUBLICATION Hey et al. publish a reference transcriptome for maize root hairs in Journal of Experimental Botany
09.03.2017 Maize Genetics Conference in St. Louis, USA
01.03.2017 WELCOME to Alina Osthoff and Felix P. Frey
08.02.2017 GRADUATION Huanhuan Tai
27.01.2017 NEW PUBLICATION Unterseer et al. publish first two maize Flint reference sequences on preprint server bioRxiv
22.11.2016 Dr. Nina Opitz erhält DMK-Förderpreis 2016
26.09.2016 NEW PUBLICATION Li Li et al publish article in Scientific Reports
01.09.2016 Lab Reunion in Beijing
01.07.2016 Nina Opitz receives PhD certificate
30.06.2016 New Greenhouse in Poppelsdorf
18.05.2016 European Maize Meeting in Hamburg
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