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Abiotic stress response

Abiotic stresses like drought, heat, cold and salt stress are major factors limiting plant production worldwide. With the progress of climate change, the severity and variation of these stresses will increase.



Molecular interactions in the rhizosphere of maize

The rhizosphere is the narrow region of soil surrounding plant roots. Roots extract nutrients and water from their soil environment and secrete exudates to the rhizosphere.   more



Heterosis describes the superior performance of heterozygous hybrids compared to their genetically diverse parental inbred lines. Heterosis is extensively exploited in agriculture for more than 100 years. Nevertheless, the underlying molecular basis remains largely enigmatic.   more


Reverse genetic resources

Genome-wide insertional mutagenesis is a tool to create loss-of-function mutations for virtually all genes in a genome. In maize, Mutator transposons are one system used to generate insertional mutations. Sequence indexed collections of Mutator induced maize mutants are used for reverse and forward genetics experiments to identify and characterize novel mutants.


Root architecture_picture.jpg

Root architecture

Although hidden in the ground and therefore often neglected, roots are important plant organs: they serve as anchorage, take up water and nutrients and interact with microbes in the soil.   more


Graduate celebrations of the University of Bonn

Our former master students Verena Müller, Yan Naing Win and Annika Kortz (from left to right) attended the annual graduate celebrations of the University of Bonn. All three continue their work in our group as PhD students.


Visit at Southwest University in China

Frank Hochholdinger and Peng Yu visited their collaborator Xinping Chen at Southwest University (SWU) and met former PhD student Changzheng Xu who is now associate professor at SWU and future PhD student Li Guo.



Osthoff, Baldauf and Hochholdinger published a research article in BMC Genomics on transcriptomic adaptions in young barley roots subjected water deficit and salt stress.



Kortz, Yu and Hochholdinger published a review in FRONTIERS in PLANT SCIENCE on the advances made in the transcriptomic dissection of lateral root formation at the cellular level.