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Dr. Inga von Behrens

(former PhD student)


Academic CV

  • Dipl. Biol., University of Göttingen, 2006

  • PhD, University of Tübingen, 2010



  • Zhang Y, Marcon C, Tai H, von Behrens I, Ludwig Y, Hey S, Berendzen KW, Hochholdinger F (2016) Conserved and unique features of the homeologous maize Aux/IAA proteins ROOTLESS WITH UNDETECTABLE MERISTEM 1 and RUM1-like 1. J Exp Bot 67: 1137-47. PubMed Free Article


  • Zhang Y, von Behrens I, Zimmermann R, Ludwig Y, Hey S, Hochholdinger F (2015) LATERAL ROOT PRIMORDIA 1 of maize acts as a transcriptional activator in auxin signaling downstream of the Aux/IAA gene rootless with undetectable meristem1. J Exp Bot 66: 3855-3863. PubMed Free Article


  • von Behrens I, Komatsu M,  Zhang Y, Berendzen KW, Niu X, Sakai H, Taramino G,  Hochholdinger F (2011) Rootless with undetectable meristem1 encodes a monocot-specific AUX/IAA protein that controls embryonic seminal and postembryonic lateral root initiation in maize. Plant J 66: 341-353. PubMed


  • Liu Y, von Behrens I, Muthreich N, Schütz W, Nordheim A, Hochholdinger F (2010) Regulation of the pericycle proteome in maize (Zea mays L.) primary roots by RUM1 which is required for lateral root initiation. Eur J Cell Biol 89: 236-241. PubMed