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Dr. Roman Zimmermann

(former Postdoc)




  • Zhang Y, von Behrens I, Zimmermann R, Ludwig Y, Hey S, Hochholdinger F (2015) LATERAL ROOT PRIMORDIA 1 of maize acts as a transcriptional activator in auxin signaling downstream of the Aux/IAA gene rootless with undetectable meristem1. J Exp Bot, 66: 3855-63. PubMed Free Article


  • Zimmermann R, Sakai H, Hochholdinger F (2010) The Gibberelic Acid Stimulated Like (GSL) gene family in maize (Zea mays L.) and its role in lateral root development. Plant Physiol 152: 356-365. PubMed   free article


  • Hochholdinger F, Zimmermann R (2009) Molecular and genetic dissection of cereal root development. Ann Plant Rev 37: 175–191. Link


  • Hochholdinger F, Wen TJ, Zimmermann R, Chimot-Marolle P, da Costa e Silva O, Bruce W, Lamkey KR, Wienand U, Schnable PS (2008) The maize (Zea mays L.) roothairless3 gene encodes a putative GPI-anchored, monocot-specific, COBRA-like protein that significantly affects grain yield. Plant J 54: 888-98.  PubMed   free article

  • Hochholdinger F, Zimmermann R (2008) Conserved and diverse mechanisms in root development. Curr Opin Plant Biol 11: 70-74.  PubMed