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Alina Klaus


Research focus

My research focuses on transciptomic changes in young barley roots under abiotic stress such as drought or salinity. To quantify these changes in gene expression levels, I use RNA-Sequencing.



  • Shellakkutti N, Thangamani PD, Suresh K, Baales J, Zeisler-Diehl VV, Osthoff A, Hochholdinger F, Schreiber L, Kreszies T (2022) Cuticular transpiration is not affected by enhanced wax and cutin amounts in response to osmotic stress in barley. Physiol Plant, 174: e13735.


  • Kreszies T, Eggels S, Kreszies V, Osthoff A, Shellakkutti N, Baldauf JA, Zeisler-Diehl VV, Hochholdinger F, Ranathunge K, Schreiber L (2020) Seminal roots of wild and cultivated barley differentially respond to osmotic stress in gene expression, suberization and hydraulic conductivity. Plant Cell Environ, 43, 344-357.


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