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  • He X, Wang D, Jiang Y, Li M, Delgado-Baquerizo M, McLaughlin C, Marcon C, Baer M, Guo Li, Moya YAT, von Wiren N, Deichmann M, Schaaf G, Piepho H-P, Yang Z, Yang J, Yim B, Smalla K, Goormachtig S, de Vries FT, Huging H, Sawers RJH, Reif JC, Hochholdinger F, Chen X, Yu P (2023) Heritable maize microbiomes contribute to local adaptation and host stress resilience. bioRxiv 2023.01.10.523403  Free Article


  • Bohle F, Klaus A, Tegethof H, Schwarzländer M, Hochholdinger F, Meyer AJ, Acosta IF, Müller-Schüssele SJ (2022) High robustness of cytosolic glutathione redox potential under combined salt and osmotic stress in barley as revealed by the biosensor Grx1-roGFP2. bioRxiv 2022.12.22.521445  Free Article

  • Guo L, Klaus A, Baer M, Kirschner GK, Salvi S, Hochholdinger H (2022) ENHANCED GRAVITROPISM 2 coordinates molecular adaptations to gravistimulation in the elongation zone of barley roots. bioRxiv 10.1101/2022.10.11.511704   Free Article


  • Kirschner GK, Rosignoli S, Vardanega I, Guo I, Imani J, Altmüller J, Milner SG, Balzano R, Nagel KA, Pflugfelder D, Forestan C, Bovina R, Koller R, Stöcker TG, Mascher M, Simmonds J, Uauy C, Schoof H, Tuberosa R, Salvi S, Hochholdinger F (2021) ENHANCED GRAVITROPISM 2 encodes a STERILE ALPHA MOTIVE containing protein that controls root growth angle in barley and wheat. bioRxiv 2021.01.23.427880   Free Article


  • Haberer G, Bauer E, Kamal N, Gundlach H, Fischer I, Seidel MA, Spannagl M, Marcon C, Ruban A, Urbany C, Nemri A, Hochholdinger F, Ouzunova M, Houben M, Schön CC, Mayer KFX (2019)  European maize genomes unveil pan-genomic dynamics of repeats and genes. bioRxiv 766444  Free Article


  • Yu P, Wang C, Baldauf JA, Tai H, Gutjahr C, Hochholdinger F, Li C (2017) Root type and soil phosphate determine the taxonomic landscape of colonizing fungi and the transcriptome of field-grown maize roots. bioRxiv 198283.  Free Article

  • Unterseer S, Seidel MA, Bauer E, Haberer G, Hochholdinger F, Opitz N, Marcon C, Baruch K, Spannagl M, Mayer KFX, Schön C-C (2017) European Flint reference sequences complement the maize pan-genome. bioRxiv 103747.  Free Article

Other publications


  • Marcon C, Baldauf JA, Hochholdinger F (2016) Komplementation von Genexpressionsmustern in Maishybriden. Biospektrum 22: 603-605.  Link


  • Hochholdinger F, Paschold A, Marcon C (2013) Heterosis: Maishybride exprimieren mehr Gene als ihre Eltern. Biologie in unserer Zeit 43:11-12.  Link


  • Hochholdinger F (2007) Genetische Analyse der Wurzelentwicklung von Mais (Zea mays L.): Von Mutanten zu Genen, Transkriptomen und Proteomen. Beiträge zur Hallenser Pflanzenernährungsforschung 14: 16-20. Free pdf download


  • Feix G, Sauer M, Woll K, Hochholdinger F (2006) Genetic analysis of root formation in maize. In: Mutational analysis of root characters in food plants. Proceedings of a final research coordination meeting organized by the Joint FAO/IAEA Programme of Nuclear Techniques in Food and Agriculture and held in Antalya, Turkey, 11–15 October 2004. pp. 39-41. Free pdf download


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